Team training scheduling

Perfect for teams to set training sessions, practices and games

It is a responsive web application that works on modern web browsers on PCs, tablets and smartphones. Requires no installations and new features are available for everyone instantly. The main functionalities are the sessions and participants who can easily set their status IN or OUT. Event has start & end times, location and of course the participants in it. Every team member can see if the invited participant has seen the event from the user's avatar picture's yellow border. So if user has seen the event and is still out, it could mean that she/he is not going to participate for this one.

A team chat is available for the members where it is easy to get the message for every team member at once and also respond on important matters.

Users can track their monthly activity on the sessions and on the home page they can see how other members are participating. Most active members get the top positions!

Email notifications can be sent when scheduling new events, updating existing ones or cancelling an event. This way members stay up to date on changes.

With user management team admin's can invite new users, promote them as team admins who can create events and make updates.

Weather forecasts can be added for each location in the team. There is a one day and week view available depending on the screen width.


You can try out the application and see if it fits for your needs

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