Web and native clients

Web clients

There are two types of web clients available. Both are responsive and work on all devices. The full client has more features like the event management in it. It is a single page app so usage is convenient after it is loaded. There is no need of refresh since event and chat changes are dynamic. The other client is designed for mobile usage and has only the the events and chat features. When opening the app on a mobile device a question is presented on which one to use, user can decide of course.

Android client

Android application available! Screenshots shown in the pictures above. With it team's users can handle event participation and follow how other team members are participating on events. Also the team chat is available where it is easy to communicate within the team.

Feature split with the clients described above is quite clear. Management and admin features are in the full web client for the registrar and admins to use. All team members can use these too without the admin features. The other clients are designed for handling the everyday event participation and situation follow up on these. Team chat functionalities are also available.

Events have location, start & end times and participants with it. Summary on the event participation is shown at the top of each event, where you can see how many is going to participate and how many have been invited for the event. Clicking the summary maximises the event view and each participant's status is shown separately. User's own IN/OUT status is always visible and directly accessible on the event. Clicking the event's location opens in a new tab on browser showing the event's location on a map. Location is an optional setting for the event and can be used or not. Each user's "avatar" is rounded with a yellow border in the event indicating that the user has seen the event. Web notifications are available on PC & tablet browsers, notifications are given on event changes.

Chat is a basic character based messaging board. It shows all messages within the group. On new messages an indication is shown on the app's navigation menu. On PC & tablet browsers also a notification with sound is given if the user is logged in and even if the browser is minimized on the operating system.

Profile shows user's basic information like nickname, full name, email (this is also the userID used in the login), phone and wether mail notifications are wanted from new events or not. There is also the password change and own "avatar" upload available for the user. Statistics on events and user's participation can be seen on a graph.

Admin and Registrar users have the ability to set and update events, add new users to the group/team, set their privileges and manage event locations. The registrar has always the admin rights and can promote other users as admins when needed. With locations can also be decided if weather info is wanted to be displayed on the events page for the location. Event can also be set as private which makes the event visible only for the invited participants, not all team's users. When setting a new event or updating existing one there is an option wether a mail notification is to be sent for the participants.