R'YouIN license

License covers one R'YouIN team that can contain a maximum of 20 users.

Try it out! The first month is free for you to see if R'YouIN works for you. After that a reasonable license fee is needed in order to continue the usage. After purchase the license is updated immediately and obtained days are added on top of the existing license. There is no obligation for the payment to be made. You can pay as you go and usage can continue without a delay. If the license has expired, it can be purchased after application login and usage can continue normally after the payment. With this license policy the application is kept advertisement free and the usage therefore more convenient.

License can be purchased with three different currencies: EUR, USD or GBP. Euros are used as the base currency. US Dollar and British Pound license values are calculated from the days exchange rate. Paypal is used as the payment service. Value added tax (VAT) is added on prices where applicable. Tax is separated on the receipt.

License options